Sluggish issues for Google Search Console alerts


In these hours Google Search Console has problems of slow data reporting, but from  Mountain View  tell us that everything is under control and that we must not worry.

Google, no later than 12 hours ago, posted a post on Twitter where it reported that some of the reports within the Google Search Console are currently lagging behind the normal two days.

But there is no need to panic, because even if these delays are reported, they have no impact on the search rankings .

That is why Google officially wanted to give notice to all the SEOs and webmasters that some Search Console reports are currently delayed due to problems. on site ", adding, however, that these delays have no impact on the search rankings.

But which reports are late?  We've done some testing and although Google says we may experience delays on AMP, Rich Results / Structured Data, Hreflang, Index Coverage and Mobile Usability, we've seen that not all reports are delayed.

For example,  mobile usability and AMP reports both have a week of delay, while the index coverage report ( delta coverage ratio, ndr) is only two days late, which then is nothing more than the normal delay expected for reports published in the Google Search Console.

Do you need to worry? Google tells us no, because it is only and exclusively a problem of reporting that does not affect the searches. So the ranking should not be influenced by what appears to be just a timing issue.

When will it be solved? To date, Google is not unbalanced because even though an official statement about the anomaly in progress has been issued , the delays and service interruptions of the Google Search Console are not so rare.

Google has said that "all the SEOs and webmasters do not just have to wait for Google to let us know when everything will be back to full normalcy.

It seems useless, therefore, to check immediately next Monday if the situation has changed, with the awareness that if there are reports to be delivered to customers, most likely the delivery will have to slip a few days.

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