Google Search Console notifies if the site loads slowly

In the last hours a new update within the Google Search Console has started to report the pages that load slowly.

An update that the SEOs and webmasters have been waiting for a long time and that in many forums and in the groups on the many social networks had asked aloud.

On the other hand, those who consider the Google Search Console to be an instrument that is not very useful and totally irrelevant at the SEO level is, today, denied in full.

In recent months we have talked a lot about the new Search Console and the various difficulties that the developer team has in recent weeks and that are trying to correct some important bag  that create many problems for all those who use one of the most important tools for evaluate the "good health" of a website.

As we said a few hours ago came the news of a new update that allows you to check in real time the speed of loading a web page directly from the Search Console.

As we know Google for many months already has activated more tools to monitor the speed, loading times and usability of a web project by users, but with this new tool has gone further.

It was only because it saves time for those who run a website for various reasons.

Here is the decision to send notifications  to all those who monitor websites with the Google Search Console.

The unofficial news is signed by Oliver HG Mason who posted a screenshot on Twitter of the notification received for his site directly in the Search Console.

The new messages leave little to the imagination because they immediately enter into the detail going to present a guideline to follow to solve the problem of slowness.

As we know with the new algorithm dedicated exclusively to mobile Google is increasingly directed to reward sites that are not only responsive but that allow a user experience worthy of being called that.

Why we talk about a correct user experience should not just think of a  clear  template clearly visible and visible from mobile, easy to navigate and intuitive by the user at the time that performs a single action, but we must also think about and above the loading speed.

Now a huge percentage of those who surf online do it from mobile and if the waiting times to view a page are too long you risk that the user leave the website before even reading the published content.

The thing that immediately strikes the attention of the notification that Mason has published is, as we said, the step by step guide  to fix the problem  that Google notifies.

First of all because it indicates the single page that has a slow loading, and then advised to click on the button to the right of the notification to do an audit page  with Lighthouse.

Once the problem has been identified, it will be possible to solve it in a reasonable time and again from another button you can easily send the sitemap again to request a new submission of the single URL.

What about if not that once again Google has made a great little gift to all webmasters and SEO not only in terms of simplification of the procedures of analysis and resolution of the problem, but also of the timing in real time with which it notifies all this which may or may cause damage to a website.

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